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  • Marshall Button Lives His Life Always Saying Yes
  • 2013-02-11, Times and Transcript
  • Marshall Button lives his life always saying ‘yes’ by linda hersey Times & TRANSCRIPT STAFF 11 Feb 2013 04:09PM Main story image Marshall Button of Moncton has made an interesting career out of saying “yes.” “I\’ve adopted the mantra to say yes first, and then think about it after,” he laughs. “There is a sense that you may never work again, because you do this one job ... well that\’s tonight. What am I going to do next week?” It seems to have turned out pretty well for Marshall who has worked exclusively in show business, including TV and film, his entire adult life. Very versatile, he\’s certainly well known for his comedic alter ego, Lucien, but in addition to being a comedian he’s the Capitol Theatre\’s artist-in-residence, the founder of the HubCap Comedy Festival (now in partnership with Juste Pour Rire), an actor, playwright, director, a very much in demand MC, and has twice served as moderator in federal leadership debates. Originally from Dalhousie he recalls that humour served him well growing up, and his Newfoundland-born father and French Acadian (Gaspé Peninsula) mother helped provide the underpinning of both his comedic timing and storytelling ability. “It seemed growing up in that atmosphere I was probably only the third or fourth funniest person just in my immediate family,” says Marshall, “but I had a lot of very humourous aunts and uncles and grandparents and such. “I sort of come by it honestly and naturally, and the notion that one could make a living from doing this wasn\’t in my head as a young person — but that\’s evolved over the years as a possibility.” Not only has it been a wise decision professionally to never say no, that mindset also extends to charitable work, as Marshall loves to give back to the community. A Paul Harris Fellowship Award recipient as well as being honoured with the Order of Moncton, he has lent his time and talent to a number of charitable efforts — including literacy for the past “11 or 12 years”; serving as co-chair for this year\’s United Way Campaign as well as chairing the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation fall event. “I\’m a Libra, and I always look at two sides. I\’m almost more interested in charities that don\’t affect me personally, and when you take time to actually read and see what the organization is doing and speak to people, you go wow! This is so important, and then all of a sudden you become almost a champion for a cause you were unaware of.” In the business of “selling good feelings,” he loves it when people are carried away with laughter at events such as the HubCap Comedy Festival — definitely a win/win in the feel good department. Conversely, despite his passion for the arts, he\’s also a bona fide “sporting type” — a marathoner, golfer “and things like that.” That\’s why he not only feels content with life, but very “well-rounded.” Above all, he\’s thankful. “I’m very happy to be in good health — good mental health being paramount,” he says. “I think that everything else stems from that.”
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